KYOY 92.3 settled into Kimball, Nebraska on 02/01/2007 as KFBZ FM. A couple of months later, with a grant from the Federal Communication Commission (FCC), we were able to change the call letters to KYOY FM. KYOY is licensed at 25,000 watts. With this strength we are able to reach into the panhandle of Nebraska, as well as parts of Northeastern Colorado and areas of Southeast Wyoming.

KYOY FM as been transmitting on translator K262BV Cheyenne 100.3 FM, translator K296FZ Cheyenne 107.1 FM in the Capitol City, and now have extended our coverage in Southwest Nebraska on translator K296GQ Pine Bluffs 107.1FM.

Our station is now able to service an area extending from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Kimball, Nebraska, which increases our listenership and offers our existing and potential advertisers increased business opportunities.

Our format offers an eclectic combination of pop and rock hits that cover several decades of music from the 70's, 80's and 90's. Every song played on KYOY FM was once a big hit on the charts. Any song that made it to the top 40's chart is fair game on our station. We strive to avoid repetition by keeping our music fresh and updated. We are very interactive with our listeners and encourage everyone to call us with their favorite music requests.

As a locally owned and operated station, we have the luxury of remaining flexible and meeting the needs of our listeners and advertisers because all of our business is conducted in-house, not via satellite. Our music is there for your enjoyment. Enjoy and tune in.

Remember...no contracts, just friends and results!!